the fact of insurance

Video there it insurance goes good okay we’re good you know here’s the here’s one of the things that I love is the fact that Eagle stuff gives us two screens so the front office should be using so our front off rockers front office rockers should be using

This screen the clinical and then the clinical folks should be using the clinical screen there is absolutely no reason why the clinical people in the office should be on the front desk I mean I tell.

Them all the time and there’s just you know I think there’s a battle every day to make sure they use this the reason they want to use this is this screen helps us to keep that communication from the Brat the back to the front open and I’ll show

You why I’m going to click on my chair and I’m gonna see the patient so I’m just gonna grab a patient here and don’t worry about seeing people’s names in this this is not real people .

There is no HIPBATH violation here so these aren’t real folks but if you noticed I just got these pop-ups and these are called Intel occurs and we’ve talked about these in some of the webinars before but .

I can see immediately that this patient has a hearing problem they’re due for bite wings they’re due for full for a full series or pan there’s a memo that I should be reading they have blue shield they are on a three month recall they’re missing some medical history information they have.

A treatment plan over a thousand bucks all right there they have outstanding treatment that is proposed and the eligibility hasn’t been checked on this patient so I can quickly see some things here .

Which again might be the bane of my existence I could eliminate route sheets I can get rid of those things that communicate on paper when I can see those things come in happening from.

A practice management side to the clinical side through the software and that really helps us to move this the ball forward you know it’s funny you bring that up because when I first worked

with legal soft I did the what is the screen with all the different everybody’s is the same and there’s all the different but you know the icons on there .