Renaissance dental after hearing a caller who was wondering if the majority of people on the journey – if I have blogs and podcasts I’m about % of..

I was a full time pilot but through career hacking I managed to get a new job well be working six months of the year and the rest of the time we’ll be on holiday and on top of.

That I’ll be receiving double my previous income I just want to let you know that and I hope you Olsson week ahead thank you so much for sharing that story .

I think it’s so important to tell the stories and hear the voices of people who are on the journey to fi who are not bloggers who are not podcasters by definition .

Their stories are not getting out there as much because they’re not in the business of telling their story and yet this is the majority of the fire community the bulk of.

The fire community are people who have jobs have side hustles have investments and they don’t publicly announce everything that they’re doing hey .

Don’t have some big public profile with lots and lots of followers and that’s what makes their stories so much more authentic and valuable and so thank you so much for calling in and sharing that story and congratulations on being percent towards .

I was on a phone call a couple of months ago with a reporter from The Wall Street Journal and the reporter asked me that same question she was like wait a minute.

why is it that everybody who reaches fire then just turns around and has a blog or a podcast or a book or a YouTube channel about fire is this just a giant pyramid scheme where the only