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Commissioner tooth pain Lela to lead us in the invocation if you’ll join me in prayer Heavenly Father we just ask for your blessings upon us this evening allow us to take these liberation of .

This commission and be able to to use wisdom and wise judgment Lord in that .

we do things that honor and glorify your name Lord we ask for special

Protection over all our employees and especially over those that have to respond to incidences where where they have to put their lives inject parry Lord.

We just uh we praise you we honor you and we just ask for your blessings in Jesus Christ’s holy name we pray amenplease join me in the pledge of allegiance.

welcome all visitors to our meeting tonight we’re glad to have you here and we’re gonna begin with the approval of the minutes of.

The regular meeting of April rd  are there any additions or Corrections Corrections tothose minutes hearing those our motionto approve those minutes second secondsecond all .

those in favor say aye ayemotion carries item a through D theconsent agenda is or a motion to adoptthe consent agenda some move now secondall those in favor say aye – opposedlife side.

I have brief presentation byScott gift a consultant with McGriff andSiegel’s and Williams regarding thevoluntary dental plan unum lifeinsurance plan and a police health andgroup insurance.

Scott welcome backThank You mayor commissioners citymanager appreciate you guys having mehere