no one gives you best ameritas dental

ameritas dental been doing this for nine years between blogging and podcasting ameritas dental both and I didn’t really start making money at this until year seven and so the money that I’m making now is

the result of many many years of just give give give give give give give and eventually it hit the point where it was unsustainable and it hit the point where it was holding back afford anything I couldn’t grow I couldn’t hire people

I couldn’t hire a designer or a developer or hire a team until I started putting ads on the podcast so that so that then I could hire people and that I could do the marketing that I want to and I could grow this platform the way that

I want to sorry this is getting to be a lengthy answer but when your first loyalty is to your brand and your community and your followers when you do that then there will be more opportunities to monetize than you could ever reason ibly

take and when you’re in that situation you know as I am now then you look around at the plethora of opportunities and you pick the one that you’re most comfortable with but you don’t get to that point if you start the

journey by thinking about monetizing first and foremost because that’s just not how you build a lasting community so I realize this might sound cliche once again this is the second cliche of today’s episode but lead with a heart of service

have a servant’s heart towards your audience and the money will follow Thank You Miriam for asking that question best of luck with your new creative endeavors I think that’s amazing so congratulations on on starting your podcast our next question comes from Nik Paul up is going on this is Nick

I was calling to say I was watching the fire documentary on Netflix taking those fi re fire and I was thinking there should be a fire festival you know for people who are interested in fire people at the Qi fire to come maybe meet up

like once a year and they’ll be pretty cool I don’t know there’s something that happens already I know they have Finn come but that’s more solar for like financial bloggers but different people who consider themselves members of

the community or want to be members the community to come meet up and like a central place I think that would be pretty cool because there’s like real-estate clubs and stock market.

investor clubs and different types of clubs for different tools that you would use to achieve fire but there’s not really any type of meetup for fire so I just wanted to know like if you’d .