how to use dental insurance no waiting period

dental insurance no waiting period access to those benefits the biggest barrier to coverage is cost which is not surprising the other big deal here with adding .

A Medicare dental benefit and having access for everyone is the fact that it could be added to Medicare in a really comprehensive way so if you go to

The next slide we are talking about adding the benefit to the Part B benefit so that would really act to integrate oral health into the overall medical benefit so just a little background on medicare medicare has Part A which is

The hospital coverage and then Part B is the outpatient kind of coverage so if you go to the doctor or you’re going to a specialist anything that you

would receive outpatient is in the Part B benefit so the idea is to add the dental benefit right into the existing Medicare Part B benefit so then it

would be treated the same way as all other health services in the Medicare program what’s also really great about putting it in the Part B benefit is that it’s then just integrated into healthcare overall as we know right now or

health care is very siloed off from the rest of our health care delivery when was the last time you went to your medical provider and they really checked out your teeths and made sure that your dental health was okay

and how often is your dental provider talking to your medical provider probably hardly ever if at all so this would work to kind of integrate oral health into the medical delivery system which would be a game changer

additionally adding the Medicare are the dental benefit to Medicare Part B would go into the same kind of payment structure that’s in place for Part B

which is you know is what Medicare pays and then there’s % coinsurance and then with preventative Services there’s no coinsurance so you know you’re annulled annual dental visit air your annual