amazing help for dental help

dental help Committee and we knew that part of this site was going to come down to be able to have the money for it so we thought it was really important to have someone who wouldn’t only be

a great advocate just in terms of passing a bill but who also would really fight to make sure it got funded and I mess up this slide there was actually several pictures here that showed our equal justice partner circle people working but early in the

legislative session our equal justice partner circle came together to talk with legislators such as these and also do some brainstorming and first they

learned a lot about just how the legislative process works for those who are new to it and then they broke up into groups based on their areas of interest we had several priorities that came out of that group of individuals

and this was probably the one that had the most energy behind it along with an administrative effort to really rebuild and make better our Department of Health and Human Services and so there was just so much

energy in the room around dental every single time I came up and I will say this was true every time has come up in any setting that I’ve been in this

year people clap they cheer they joint they they say something about the importance of dental because they recognize that this is like a thing that is vitally important for people’s health care for people’s well-being for

people’s ability to get a job so much next slide we put in LG what became LG there was actually another bill that we had found out about really early in the legislative session lb it was a bill that another Democratic legislature who’s been in the legislature for a really long time and also serves on the

Appropriations Committee had put in on behalf of Northeast Delta Dental it also would create a comprehensive dental benefit

how to use dental insurance no waiting period

dental insurance no waiting period access to those benefits the biggest barrier to coverage is cost which is not surprising the other big deal here with adding .

A Medicare dental benefit and having access for everyone is the fact that it could be added to Medicare in a really comprehensive way so if you go to

The next slide we are talking about adding the benefit to the Part B benefit so that would really act to integrate oral health into the overall medical benefit so just a little background on medicare medicare has Part A which is

The hospital coverage and then Part B is the outpatient kind of coverage so if you go to the doctor or you’re going to a specialist anything that you

would receive outpatient is in the Part B benefit so the idea is to add the dental benefit right into the existing Medicare Part B benefit so then it

would be treated the same way as all other health services in the Medicare program what’s also really great about putting it in the Part B benefit is that it’s then just integrated into healthcare overall as we know right now or

health care is very siloed off from the rest of our health care delivery when was the last time you went to your medical provider and they really checked out your teeths and made sure that your dental health was okay

and how often is your dental provider talking to your medical provider probably hardly ever if at all so this would work to kind of integrate oral health into the medical delivery system which would be a game changer

additionally adding the Medicare are the dental benefit to Medicare Part B would go into the same kind of payment structure that’s in place for Part B

which is you know is what Medicare pays and then there’s % coinsurance and then with preventative Services there’s no coinsurance so you know you’re annulled annual dental visit air your annual

Prevent tooth pain by Applying this 5 steps

Commissioner tooth pain Lela to lead us in the invocation if you’ll join me in prayer Heavenly Father we just ask for your blessings upon us this evening allow us to take these liberation of .

This commission and be able to to use wisdom and wise judgment Lord in that .

we do things that honor and glorify your name Lord we ask for special

Protection over all our employees and especially over those that have to respond to incidences where where they have to put their lives inject parry Lord.

We just uh we praise you we honor you and we just ask for your blessings in Jesus Christ’s holy name we pray amenplease join me in the pledge of allegiance.

welcome all visitors to our meeting tonight we’re glad to have you here and we’re gonna begin with the approval of the minutes of.

The regular meeting of April rd  are there any additions or Corrections Corrections tothose minutes hearing those our motionto approve those minutes second secondsecond all .

those in favor say aye ayemotion carries item a through D theconsent agenda is or a motion to adoptthe consent agenda some move now secondall those in favor say aye – opposedlife side.

I have brief presentation byScott gift a consultant with McGriff andSiegel’s and Williams regarding thevoluntary dental plan unum lifeinsurance plan and a police health andgroup insurance.

Scott welcome backThank You mayor commissioners citymanager appreciate you guys having mehere


Renaissance dental after hearing a caller who was wondering if the majority of people on the journey – if I have blogs and podcasts I’m about % of..

I was a full time pilot but through career hacking I managed to get a new job well be working six months of the year and the rest of the time we’ll be on holiday and on top of.

That I’ll be receiving double my previous income I just want to let you know that and I hope you Olsson week ahead thank you so much for sharing that story .

I think it’s so important to tell the stories and hear the voices of people who are on the journey to fi who are not bloggers who are not podcasters by definition .

Their stories are not getting out there as much because they’re not in the business of telling their story and yet this is the majority of the fire community the bulk of.

The fire community are people who have jobs have side hustles have investments and they don’t publicly announce everything that they’re doing hey .

Don’t have some big public profile with lots and lots of followers and that’s what makes their stories so much more authentic and valuable and so thank you so much for calling in and sharing that story and congratulations on being percent towards .

I was on a phone call a couple of months ago with a reporter from The Wall Street Journal and the reporter asked me that same question she was like wait a minute.

why is it that everybody who reaches fire then just turns around and has a blog or a podcast or a book or a YouTube channel about fire is this just a giant pyramid scheme where the only

no one gives you best ameritas dental

ameritas dental been doing this for nine years between blogging and podcasting ameritas dental both and I didn’t really start making money at this until year seven and so the money that I’m making now is

the result of many many years of just give give give give give give give and eventually it hit the point where it was unsustainable and it hit the point where it was holding back afford anything I couldn’t grow I couldn’t hire people

I couldn’t hire a designer or a developer or hire a team until I started putting ads on the podcast so that so that then I could hire people and that I could do the marketing that I want to and I could grow this platform the way that

I want to sorry this is getting to be a lengthy answer but when your first loyalty is to your brand and your community and your followers when you do that then there will be more opportunities to monetize than you could ever reason ibly

take and when you’re in that situation you know as I am now then you look around at the plethora of opportunities and you pick the one that you’re most comfortable with but you don’t get to that point if you start the

journey by thinking about monetizing first and foremost because that’s just not how you build a lasting community so I realize this might sound cliche once again this is the second cliche of today’s episode but lead with a heart of service

have a servant’s heart towards your audience and the money will follow Thank You Miriam for asking that question best of luck with your new creative endeavors I think that’s amazing so congratulations on on starting your podcast our next question comes from Nik Paul up is going on this is Nick

I was calling to say I was watching the fire documentary on Netflix taking those fi re fire and I was thinking there should be a fire festival you know for people who are interested in fire people at the Qi fire to come maybe meet up

like once a year and they’ll be pretty cool I don’t know there’s something that happens already I know they have Finn come but that’s more solar for like financial bloggers but different people who consider themselves members of

the community or want to be members the community to come meet up and like a central place I think that would be pretty cool because there’s like real-estate clubs and stock market.

investor clubs and different types of clubs for different tools that you would use to achieve fire but there’s not really any type of meetup for fire so I just wanted to know like if you’d .

What Is Humana Dental Insurance

A Humana Dental Insurance Is Used AS Dental insurance and It best option for usa people .

At one o’clock so I know the walkouts not gonna work out properly I also see that there’s an exam here and exam here and an exam here that are done by

This blue doctor who’s gone at one o’clock so that’s not possible for that to happen and I can see this hygienist Barbara is purple but she’s got a patient scheduled down .

There so in in the morning before you even do anything go in here and just change that ap so you’re looking at providers and fix the providers who are with.

The wrong patients so the front office team really in my office we were on the appointment type so we could see if we had primaries and secondaries and Profis and pareo and then in .

The back and the clinical and during the huddle we were on the provider type and this is actually one of the things we did is as we went through the day and we.

We had multiple doctors but if we knew certain doctor needed to do an exam for a certain patient or another doctor was going to be really busy and that the second doctor would be doing the exams we try to plan ahead

With those call now it didn’t always work out that way but we were kind of planning the day unlike who has the most time to be doing these exams with their other production going on exactly and that’s what we’re hoping for and.

We all know all those feet all those people who have worked at the front desk know that you know your best hope is to try to create sort of an / rule

Where you mix percent of the problems that happened the day and this is the kind of thing that could actually fix those kinds of issues right exactly multiple providers yep so you know the.

the fact of insurance

Video there it insurance goes good okay we’re good you know here’s the here’s one of the things that I love is the fact that Eagle stuff gives us two screens so the front office should be using so our front off rockers front office rockers should be using

This screen the clinical and then the clinical folks should be using the clinical screen there is absolutely no reason why the clinical people in the office should be on the front desk I mean I tell.

Them all the time and there’s just you know I think there’s a battle every day to make sure they use this the reason they want to use this is this screen helps us to keep that communication from the Brat the back to the front open and I’ll show

You why I’m going to click on my chair and I’m gonna see the patient so I’m just gonna grab a patient here and don’t worry about seeing people’s names in this this is not real people .

There is no HIPBATH violation here so these aren’t real folks but if you noticed I just got these pop-ups and these are called Intel occurs and we’ve talked about these in some of the webinars before but .

I can see immediately that this patient has a hearing problem they’re due for bite wings they’re due for full for a full series or pan there’s a memo that I should be reading they have blue shield they are on a three month recall they’re missing some medical history information they have.

A treatment plan over a thousand bucks all right there they have outstanding treatment that is proposed and the eligibility hasn’t been checked on this patient so I can quickly see some things here .

Which again might be the bane of my existence I could eliminate route sheets I can get rid of those things that communicate on paper when I can see those things come in happening from.

A practice management side to the clinical side through the software and that really helps us to move this the ball forward you know it’s funny you bring that up because when I first worked

with legal soft I did the what is the screen with all the different everybody’s is the same and there’s all the different but you know the icons on there .