amazing help for dental help

dental help Committee and we knew that part of this site was going to come down to be able to have the money for it so we thought it was really important to have someone who wouldn’t only be

a great advocate just in terms of passing a bill but who also would really fight to make sure it got funded and I mess up this slide there was actually several pictures here that showed our equal justice partner circle people working but early in the

legislative session our equal justice partner circle came together to talk with legislators such as these and also do some brainstorming and first they

learned a lot about just how the legislative process works for those who are new to it and then they broke up into groups based on their areas of interest we had several priorities that came out of that group of individuals

and this was probably the one that had the most energy behind it along with an administrative effort to really rebuild and make better our Department of Health and Human Services and so there was just so much

energy in the room around dental every single time I came up and I will say this was true every time has come up in any setting that I’ve been in this

year people clap they cheer they joint they they say something about the importance of dental because they recognize that this is like a thing that is vitally important for people’s health care for people’s well-being for

people’s ability to get a job so much next slide we put in LG what became LG there was actually another bill that we had found out about really early in the legislative session lb it was a bill that another Democratic legislature who’s been in the legislature for a really long time and also serves on the

Appropriations Committee had put in on behalf of Northeast Delta Dental it also would create a comprehensive dental benefit